About REAL Lofoten

REAL Lofoten was founded in 2004, and is a subsidiary of Sufi, one of the largest producers and exporters of stockfish in Norway. Since the day the company was founded, we have worked towards one single goal: To launch easy-to-cook stockfish products. Step by step, we have moved closer to today, when we are able to produce first class stockfish products in a new and sophisticated manner.

The traditional outdoor-dried stockfish is a fantastic product when drying conditions are good and it is soaked the correct way. However, we wanted to make everything easier for the customer. The new stockfish product has a stable quality, and the entire drying process can be tailored to each customer’s requirements, both in terms of taste and water content.

Hence, we now have the capacity of drying 300 000 kg or 2 million meals per year.

We are also proud to say the plant is MSC certified and apply to the highest HACCP-standards.